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Whole mouth health is an important concept for 21th century both for achieving oral health and as a necessary component of maintaining overall good health. Establishing and maintaining a daily oral hygiene regimen is critical for maintaining good oral health, however, this practice alone may not suffice. An effective oral hygiene regimen must be supplemented by routine visits to a dental professional. As important as a daily oral health care regimen is in maintaining a good oral health, its value depends on effective technology and the patient – dental practitioner relashenship in terms of using this product effectively to produce a positive outcome- based health care program.

Despite significant advances in oral health care, dental caries and periodontal diseases (Gingivitis) are two(2) of the most common diseases globally, with dental caries being the most common. Furthermore, 90% of the world’s population will develop some form of dental disease in their life times. Teeth account for 20% of oral surfaces, whereas soft tissues account for 80%. Therefore, to achieve whole mouth health management of biofilm not only on teeth but also on the soft tissues “reservoirs” is critical.

Expectations in health care are evolving , and the needs are changing. Health care is shifting from fixing problems to predicting and preventing oral health problems. This approach will not only help the patients but also help better manage and contain rising health care costs. Also this approach lead to a more holistic view of oral health management, with the guiding principals being prevention and wellness, care continuum , and prediction of future health. Furthermore patients are demanding patient-centered dentistry, with some of this being medicated by oral health care information on the internet and desire for oral wellness. Bacteria and biofilm that reside in overall oral surfaces are the cause of the dental caries and periodontal disease (Gingivitis), yet during the process of tooth brushing, plaque and derbies are removed primarily from the teeth, which represent 20% of the oral surfaces. The bacteria remaining on 80% of the oral surfaces, which comprises soft tissue including the cheeks, gingivae (gums), and tongue, are largely unaffected via mechanical action of tooth brushing with a regular fluoride toothpaste. In addition, within hard- tissue surfaces, there are pits, fissures, and interproximal (between teeth) spaces that are missed via the mechanical action of tooth brushing. To achieve whole mouth health, effective treatment must go beyond the areas that tooth brush can reach, and this is the rationale for the inclusion of antibacterial agents into dentifrices in addition to fluoride, both of which can help achieve better oral health outcome.

Because the etiology of dental caries and periodontal disease (Gingivitis) is bacterial, biofilm control on both soft and hard tissues is essential to the oral health of the patients. This new Toothpaste (Marvelous) being introduced by Batool Pharma International company is directed toward the concept of whole mouth health, and this supplement will provide patients and dental practitioners with information on this new technology (toothpaste) to carry them into 21st century of of total whole mouth health.