Quality Control Center


The Quality Control Centre (QCC) is one of the paramount elements of the company’s structure, and it was set up concurrently with Company foundation. QCC has been accredited for technical competence with the FDA.
QСС specialists permanently upgrade their proficiency level at major educational centres. Quality control and product sampling is done by highly qualified specialists making use of appropriate equipment and in strict conformity with approved standards of operational procedures. Test results are duly documented.
QCC tests starting material, The tHEpackaging and printing materials, intermediary and finished products in accordance with the authorised specifications and valid methods of quality control in accredited chemical and microbiological laboratories.
Production is using only the packaging, printing and starting materials having passed entry quality control and received permit to use. During production, major parameters of technological process and both intermediary and finished product characteristics are monitored.
The finished product is only allowed for realization upon written confirmation by a duly authorized person at FDA  that each series (lot) was manufactured and underwent control in compliance with registration documents, industrial regulations and other regulatory documentation.
QCC laboratories are equipped with up-to-date measurement and physico-chemical analysis equipment from leading world manufacturers.
QCC has long-established cooperation with renowned academic, industrial and educational institutions.
Unique equipment and methods and top-rank scientists of the research centres are attracted for development of new preparations and perspective chemicals quality control methods, as well as for technological processes control.